Meet Festival Artist 2016: Cooper Pierce

2016 Festival Artwork by Cooper Pierce

Q&A with Cooper Pierce:

Where Are You From, Originally?
Jacksonville, FL

Where Do You Currently Live, And How Long Have You Been In The Atlanta Area?
Inman Park, I’ve been a resident here since September 1992.

What Motivated You Enter The 45th Annual Inman Park Design Contest?
I’m always sketching ideas, and this is just a fun outlet to develop a design. After producing a winning design a couple of years ago, I’ve had some encouragement to keep at it.

How Did You Acquire Your Design Talents?
The good Lord blessed me with the ability and love to draw, along with a few creative family genes. You really don’t get good at anything unless you practice it; I’ve been practicing at it for about 50 years.

What Was Your Creative Inspiration For This Design?
It’s all about the butterfly. The symbol for the neighborhood is also a universal symbol of rebirth. On the 45th anniversary of the first home tour and festival put together by those initial pioneers who shared a vision to bring this neighborhood back, look at it now! It’s time to celebrate and what better way to commemorate that effort and this neighborhood than to promote the butterfly! I took the Inman Park symbol and envisioned it being made out of stained glass and then developed the design from there.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About The Inman Park Festival And Tour of Homes?
The community and camaraderie of the volunteers that put this festival on every year is my favorite thing. Many people talk about this being their favorite festival for many reasons, but being a part of it is even better than just being a bystander. You get out of life what you put into it. Volunteering and being involved in this event is tremendous! This community effort is what made this place what it is – cool! What the newcomers don’t understand is the only way to be cool is to participate and get involved. That’s how you keep it going.

How Do You Enjoy Spending Your Free Time?
Porch sitting when the weather allows. I might have my sketchbook and a refreshment to pass the time and people watch. Who knows, I might see neighbors and before you know it, we have a porch party.

Tell Us At Least One Fun Fact About You:
I’m married to the Mad Hatter AKA the Hat Lady. Don’t believe me, ask her.

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