Inman Park Dance Festival

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page about the Inman Park Dance Festival. One of the unique aspects of this dance festival is that all the participating companies receive an honorarium for their performances. As a part of our UNFestival and Tour at Home, the Festival committee and the chair of the dance festival ask that you consider donating to one or all the planned performing companies for 2020. These companies are important to the arts community and economy of the City. Following are links to the donation pages of their websites:

These six companies are a wonderful overview of what the Atlanta dance community has to offer the metro area and the State.

Ballethnic's vitality is infections! Blending West African dance forms with classical ballet, we frequently are treated to live drummers during their performance at the dance festal. This company is celebrating its 30th anniversary this season.

2020 would have been Fly on a Wall's first appearance at the dance festival. This organization is a platform for presenting work. Its intention is to bring diverse artist together to create art at the "junction of wit, risk, and meaningful experiences." Fly on a Wall's body of work includes multimedia performances, installations and dance for film.

Being the only company that has performed in every dance festival, Full Radius Dance (FRD) is a high quality physically integrated (dancers with and without disabilities) modern dance company. Internationally recognized, FRD has created its own technical vocabulary that recognizes the capacity of all bodies to make dance. This artistically driven perspective is beneficial to both artist and audience. FRD is headed into it 30th season in the fall of 2020.

The Georgia Ballet (GAB) would have been the classical ballet representative on the program. The Inman Park Dance Festival is the only dance festival in the State the presents classical and contemporary dance in the same program. Last year, they performed a dance that was well over 100 years old and this year they planned to perform a selection from a ballet that was first performed in 1870. Like getting to see a beautiful Renaissance painting, the opportunity to see these preserved works is a treat. GAB is marking its 60th season this year!

Kit Modus is a company that invites local and national choreographers to present work on Atlanta-based professional dancers. In addition to presenting contemporary dance performance, the company provides training opportunities for dancers. 2020 would have been Kit Modus' first appearance at the Inman Park Dance Festival.

ImmerseATL is a unique organization that provides a transition from the preprofessional level of dance to professional. Immerse artists are selected annually and given training and performing opportunities specifically designed to support their development as professional artists. The intent of this contemporary dance organization is to "pour into the arts world people that are vibrant and wholly engaged."